1. Parents / Guardians seeking admission of children are required to fill up a prescribed registaration form.No addmission to the Nursery Class will be done unless the chlid is three years old & a corresponding scale of ages for the subsequent classes.
  2. A Candidate who joins fresh from home or from a private school has to produce an official birth certificate such as the municipal committee or from Gram Pradhan in support of the date of birth entered in the admission from affidavits are not accepted .
  3. The Very Conditions of admission will be that the parents / Guardians will comply strictly with the terms and rules contained in this book & pay the tuition fees and all other charges laid down.Any future charges made in this book regarding rules or fees will also be binding on them.
  4. A months'notice of the withdrawal must be given in writing duty acknowledge by the office or a month's fee in lieu there of.
  5. School dues are paid & No. Dues certificate is obtained from the school office.
  6. In all cases of re-admission the full admission fee fee fee will be charged.